Research: The Road to the Cure

The Westchester Brain Tumor Program is deeply engaged in three types of research:
1. Clinical trials – late-stage trials of carefully researched and tested methods of care.
2. Basic science research – examining brain tumor pathologies and developing innovative therapy starting in the laboratory.
3. Translational research – applying research to develop actual treatment protocols for clinical use.

Clinical Trials

Newly Diagnosed
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Recurrent Tumor

Check back for news about recurrent tumor trials

Clinical Trials for Pediatrics

The Westchester Brain Tumor Program is currently seeking promising clinical trials for pediatric brain tumor treatment.

For more information about clinical trials at Westchester Brain Tumor Program, call (914) 948-3008 or email us at


Basic Science Research

John M. Abrahams, M.D., Director of the Westchester Brain Tumor Program, is researching the use of hydrogel materials as a topical agent to be used after surgical resection to assist in destroying residual tumor cells, which can lead to a reoccurrence of the tumor. This project involves a biocompatible hydrogel that targets the tumor-brain interface and works on destroying the malignant tumor cells after the wound is closed. The hydrogel delivers a chemotherapy agent to do the work; the hydrogel keeps the chemotherapy in the proper location.

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Translational Research

The Westchester Brain Tumor Program is currently developing protocols for recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). Please check periodically for updates within this program.


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